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Prepango operates a wide range of vending machines that offer our customers the communication products and services they need. Whether you are shopping, traveling or simply in need to stay in touch or online while on the go, Prepango has convenience, hassle free ways to keep you connected around.

Where you can find us

Air ports

Bus Station

Convention Center

Vending Machine

We develop custom vending solutions, with customer products and packaging.


Our retail programs offers a variety of sim plans for international travelers in the USA. Our goal is to help them avoid roaming charges while traveling in the USA and abroad. We help them stay in touch with their family and friends or online while on the go.

Air ports


Hotels and Resorts

Theme parks

Theme Parks



International Roaming SIM Cards: Voice and Mobile Data

First class mobile calling solutions for international calls and data.

We strive to deliver easy to use and low cost calling while abroad. Whether you are using our mobiles to call from inside the USA or from abroad, you will enjoy HUGE savings compared to roaming and other pre-paid mobile providers!


Mobile Phones

Our travel phones are a great way to keep in touch without roaming while on the go!
They are READY TO USE and can serve as a great temporary solution
There are no monthly fees to worry about and you can call anywhere from home or abroad.

SIM Cards

This sim cards will provide you unlimited DATA, TALK, and TEXT so you don’t have to worry about overages. And while you are in the USA you can enjoy unlimited international calls and texts to your family and friends abroad. They are preloaded, ready to use, high speed data, roaming, rechargeable, ideal for short and long term use.

International Prepaid Phone Cards

We distribute a wide range of international prepaid calling cards for low cost calling abroad. Our phone cards are ideal for contacting your family and friend while abroad!


Our Travel mobile accessories are ideal for travelers and anyone on the go. We offer a wide variety of accessories such as, headphones, cables, chargers, adapters, power banks, portable speakers, aux cable and car charger.

Adapter and plugs

Cables and Adaptors

Head Phones

Headphones and Earplugs


Fully Charged Mobile Batteries




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Prepango is a minority owned and operated enterprise with a primary focus in automated travel and communications solutions.

Prepango was founded in 2009 and has quickly grown to become the market leader in retail & vending communications in the travel retail industry.

Prepango is Headquartered in San Diego, CA, and distributes telecom retail products from its partners for use in over 60 countries.

Prepango distribute retail ready mobility products thru its large retail and vending network. This network is primarily found in major traveler locations throughout the USA.

Prepango touches thousands of retail locations in the USA and has a presence in major US airports, theme parks, & resorts.


Phone number: (619) 710-1680